According to a post on Quora, the longest railroad system in the world is that in North America, more specifically the United States. The American railroad system is over 155,000 miles long. To compare, India, Russia, and China combined have around the same railroad system length (China 100k, Russia 85k and India 65k).

As for longest railroad journeys, only one of the 2k+ mile ones is in the US.

The Trans-Siberian Express is the longest trip by train in the world, covering 5,722 miles over about a week.

The Longest Journey in the World

This journey starts in the Russian capital of Moscow and finishes in Vladivostok, the easternmost town of Russia. Travelers pass through multiple time zones during this trip. Notable landmarks along the way include Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world (with a railroad trip dedicated solely to it, which we’ll mention later – the Orient Express), and the majestic Ural Mountains.

Number 2: Australia

The second-longest railroad trip in the world is in Australia, from Sydney to Perth. It is 65 hours and 2,704 miles long. This journey is known for having the longest straight railroad track in the world. The full width of Australia is covered. The natural attractions are breathtaking – serene forests, rapid waterfalls, and blue-tinged mountains. Notable stops along the trip include Barossa Valley, Cook, Kalgoorlie, and Rawlinna.

3: The Canadian Train

This transcontinental route is 2,700 miles and 3 days long. Get ready to stare into space because there won’t be any Wi-Fi. And you won’t need it – the forests, mountains, and other Canadian landscapesare unbelievable. You’ll also see deer, moose, and bears.

4: The Indian Vivek Express

The Vivek Expresses is the next-longest. You will cover 2,633 miles in 82 hours. This is the longest train journey in India because it passes over the entire length of theenormous country. It’s also one of the cheapest train trips in the world with tickets at the equivalent of 10 dollars in rubles, the local currency.

5: California Zephyr

As mentioned, there’s just one really long train journey in the US despite its having the largest railroad network, and that’s the Zephyr. This 51-hour, 2,348-mile route covers the Rocky Mountains, the pioneers, and even the canyons. Key stops along the way include Reno, Denver, and Sacramento.

Honorable Mentions

On a final note, it’s not like Europeans have nothing to show – they will tell you all about the Paris–Moscow express, covering 1,998 miles. In Asia, there’s the Eastern & Oriental Express, starting in Bangkok and ending in Singapore. We recommend traveling alone on this last one as the setting is quite compact.